18. Does the World have any Creator?

18. Does the World have any Creator?

Parkhi Sant Abhilash Das has said that there is no Creator God of the world. Is that correct?

Question: I had heard the viewpoints of Parkhi Sant Shri Abhilash Das. He was saying that there is no Creator God of the world. It is formed by the union of a male and female, and then it ends. There is no God. A soul itself is Brahm; a soul is the doer. Are these viewpoints of Abhilash Das right or wrong?

Answer: The answer to this question has been given in detail in Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 16 Verse 6 to 10.

It has been stated that those people, who are of demoniac nature, say that the world is without God; it has originated from man and woman, that is, from male and female. There is no Creator of it. Such people are born to cause destruction of, that is, to cause harm to the world.

The truth is that God is the Creator of the entire world

The soul is not Brahm (Lord). Brahm means Lord (Master). Like,

(1) Brahm (who is also called Kshar Purush) is the master of 21 brahmands (universes).

(2) Akshar Brahm (who is also called Akshar Purush, Gita Chapter 15 Verse 16) is the master of 7 sankh (700 quadrillion) Brahmands.

(3) Purna Brahm (who has been called as Param Akshar Brahm in Gita Chapter 8 Verse 3) is the Master of infinite Brahmands. He is the Master of the Lineage.

To say that there is no God; the world originates only from man and woman or male-female, and ends; the soul itself is the doer, that is, souls itself is Brahm; this is completely inappropriate.