13. Should One Worship Kshar Purush (Brahm) or not

Bhagavad Gita 13. Should One Worship Kshar Purush (Brahm) or not

Question: - Is there any point in worshipping Kshar Purush or Brahm or Kaal?

Answer: - If one wants complete salvation, that has been mentioned in Gita Chapter 15 Verse 4 that “after attaining the Tatvgyan, one should search for that supreme state of the Supreme God, having gone where, a worshipper never returns to take birth in this world”, then one should not worship Kshar Purush (Brahm) who is the “trunk of the world-like tree”.

Worship of Kshar Purush cannot grant salvation, so he should not be worshipped. By worshipping Kshar Purush or Kaal, one remains in the cycle of Birth and Death. Therefore worship of Brahm or Kaal is useless.