28. Are Worshippers of Brahma Vishnu & Shiv Condemned in Bhagavad Gita

28. Are Worshippers of Brahma Vishnu & Shiv Condemned in Bhagavad Gita

Worshippers of Brahma Vishnu and Shiv have been addressed as low amongst men & with demoniac nature in Bhagavad Gita

Question: You have clearly proven the state of those who worship the three gods (Rajgun Brahma, Satgun Vishnu and Tamgun Shiv) in Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 7 Verse 12 to 15, 20 to 23 and Chapter 9 Verse 23-24 that those who worship the three gunas (Rajgun Brahma, Satgun Vishnu and Tamgun Shiv), who have demoniac nature, are lowest among men, evil-doers, fools, do not worship me (speaker of Gita, Brahm). Those who worship the other gods have short-term (time in heaven) happiness. After going to heaven, they soon take birth on earth. Please narrate such an incident from this world which proves the veracity of your statements that the worshippers of the three gods behave like this.


“Story of Hirnyakashipu”

1. The character of the worshippers of Rajgun Brahma: - There was a Brahmin King Hirnyakashipu. For some reason, he became jealous of God Vishnu (Satgun). That King pleased God Rajgun Brahma by doing his worship. Brahma said, “Worshipper! Ask what do you want?” Hirnakashyap asked that – “Neither shall I die in the morning, nor in the evening, neither in the afternoon nor at night, neither outside nor inside, nor in the twelve months, neither in the sky nor on earth, neither from a human being nor from an animal or bird.” Brahma ji said, “So be it.” After that, Hrinakashyapu believed himself to be immortal, and started asking everyone to chant his name. Whoever used to chant Vishnu’s name, he used to kill him. His son Prahlad used to worship Vishnu. He tortured him a lot.

You must be familiar with this story. The purport is that the devotee of Rajgun Brahma became known as a demon. He died like a dog.

“Story of Ravan and Bhasmasur”

2. The character of the worshippers of Tamgun Shiv: - The king of Lanka, Ravan, had worshipped Tamgun Shiv. He had captured 33 crore demi-gods with his power. Then he abducted goddess Sita. What was his fate, you all know.

Worshipper of Tamgun Shiv became known as Demon Ravan. He got completely ruined and became a recipient of criticism.

Other evidence: - You must be aware of the

"Story of Bhasmasur" 

Bhasmagiri used to worship God Shiv (Tamogun). For twelve years, he kept doing penance by (Sheershasan) standing upside-down with feet above and hands down in front of the door of Shiv. One day, Parvati said, “Oh Mahadev! You are almighty. What does your devotee want? Give it to him, Lord.” God Shiv asked Bhasmagiri, “Tell devotee, what do you want? I am very pleased with you.”

Bhasmagiri said, “First promise me, then I will ask.” God Shiv promised him. Then Bhasmagiri said, “Give me the Bhasmakanda (bracelet) that you have.” God Shiv gave that Bhasmkanda to Bhasmagiri. As soon as Bhasmagiri got the bracelet in his hand, he said, “Beware Shiv! I will turn you into ashes and make Parvati my wife.” Saying this, he laughed in an indecent manner and ran after Shiv to kill him. God Shiv knowing that evil person’s motive ran away. The deity Shiv (Tamgun) was running ahead and the worshipper was following him. Just think Dharmdas! If your god Shiv had been immortal, he would not have got frightened of death. You used to call him immortal. You also used to call him all-knowing. Had God Shiv been all-knowing, then he would have known the evil thoughts of Bhasmagiri earlier itself. This proves that he is not even all-knowing.

When God Shiv was running ahead and Bhasmagiri behind him, at that time God Shiv prayed to Supreme God for help. Instantly, ‘Param Akshar Brahm’ assuming the form of Parvati appeared before vicious Bhasmasur and said, “Oh Bhasmasur! Come and sit next to me.” Bhasmagiri knew that now Shiv would not stop at a nearby place. Bhasmagiri was doing all this hooliganism for Parvati only. Oh Dharmdas! You know the entire story. God in Parvati form made Bhasmagiri do Gandhat dance and turned him into ashes. Worshipper of Tamoguni Shiv, Bhasmagiri, due to his wicked act became known as Bhasmasur, that is, Demon Bhasma.

Therefore, the worshippers of these three gods are said to be of demoniac nature, lowest among men, evil-doers and fools.

“Massacre of Sadhus in Haridwar”

3. Now I will narrate the story of the worshippers of Satgun Shri Vishnu.

Once, Kumbh festival was held at the steps of Har in Haridwar. At that time, the worshippers of all the three gunas gathered in their respective groups. Giri, Puri, Naga-Naath – these are worshippers of Tamogun God Shiv, and Vaishnav are worshippers of Satgun God Vishnu. A row broke out between two groups “Naga and Vaishnav” over taking bath first on the steps of Har. Around 25 thousand worshippers of the three gunas (Rajgun Brahma, Satgun Vishnu and Tamgun Shiv) got killed fighting with each other and caused carnage. They killed each other with swords, knives and daggers. It is said in Sukshm Ved that: -

Teer tupak talwar kataari, jamdhar jor badhaavaen hain |
Har paudi har het nahin jana, vahan ja teg chalaavaen hain ||
Kaataen sheesh nahin dil karuna, jag mein saadh kahavaen hain |
Jo jan inke darshan kun jaavaen, unko bhi narak pathavaen hain ||

It has been proven from the aforesaid true stories that the worshippers of Rajgun Brahma, Satgun Vishnu and Tamgun Shiv have been said to be of demoniac nature, lowest among men, evil-doers and fools in Gita Chapter 7 Verse 12 to 15.