21. What does Gita say about Keeping Fasts

21. What does Gita say about Keeping Fasts

Question: Does Bhagavad Gita profess of forbid observing fasts

Answer: In Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 6 Verse 16, observing fasts has been forbidden.

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 6 Verse 16

Na, ati, ashnatH, tu, yogH, asti, na, ch, ekaantam, anashnatH,
Na, ch, ati, swapnsheelasya, jaagrtH, na, ev, ch, Arjun ||16||

It is stated that – O Arjun! This bhakti is neither successful of one who eats excessively, nor of one who does not eat at all, that is, neither this bhakti is successful of a person who keeps fasts, nor of someone who sleeps too much, nor of someone who remains awake a lot.

Therefore It is completely forbidden in this verse of Bhagavad Gita to keep fasts. Open your Gita and look in it.