Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 10


In Bhagavad Gita Chapter 10, the narrator of Gita i.e. Brahm (Kaal) has given indication about his own origin.

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Chapter 10 Verse 1: O mighty-armed! Also again listen to my most secretive and impressive words which I will say to you, who has excessive love, with the desire of welfare.

Chapter 10 Verse 2: Neither do the gods, nor the great seers know my origin because I am the prime cause of the gods and the great seers in all respects.

Chapter 10 Verse 3: A learned person who knows me and the Everlasting i.e. Primordial, Unborn, the Great God of all the loks i.e. the Greatest God, he who knows the scriptures in the right way i.e who has the knowledge of the scriptures, knowledgeable among men i.e. a Tatvdarshi scholar, by doing sadhna based on Tatvgyan becomes free from all the sins. That person only speaks about sins in detail i.e. he only gives a correct description of the knowledge of creation and actions i.e. liberates one completely from ignorance.

Chapter 10 Verse 4, 5: The power to decide, absolute knowledge, freedom from ignorance, forgiveness, truth, control of the senses, control of mind and joy-sorrow, origin-destruction and fear-fearlessness and non-violence, equanimity, contentment, austerity, charity, fame and infamy – the various characteristics of the living beings are present according to the rules.

Chapter 10 Verse 6: The seven great sages and the four Sanakadi before them and the fourteen Manus such as Swaayambhuv, all these who have faith in me have originated by my will, who have all this population in the world.

Chapter 10 Verse 7: A person who knows my glory and power of yog in essence in this way, he is endowed with unwavering yog of bhakti. There is no doubt about it.

Chapter 10 Verse 8: I only am the cause of the origin of all. The whole world endeavours acording to my knowledge. Understanding in this way, the knowledgeable devotees, who did not find a Tatvdarshi Saint, endowed with faith and devotion constantly worship me alone.

Chapter 10 Verse 9: Living beings, who are dependent on me, who only know this and have mind engrossed in me, always remain contented by discussing among themselves and remain engrossed in me.

Chapter 10 Verse 10: To those who are always engaged in discussion of knowledge and do bhajan with loving devotion, I give the yog of knowledge of the same level, because of which they attain me.

Chapter 10 Verse 11: I only to shower my grace on them, destroy the darkness born of ignorance. I illuminate the lamp of knowledge by entering like a ghost and establishing like a soul in the body; just as a soul speaks, in the same way by establishing in aatm-bhaav in the soul.

Chapter 10 Verse 12, 13: You are the Supreme Brahm, the supreme abode and supremely pure because all the sages call you as the Eternal Divine God and the Primal God of gods, unborn and the omnipresent. Likewise, Devrishi Narad and Asit and Deval Rishi and Maharishi Vyas also say the same and you yourself only say for me.

Chapter 10 Verse 14: O Keshav! Whatever you say to me, I consider all this to be true. O Lord! Neither the demons know your human-like visible form nor only the gods.

Chapter 10 Verse 15: O Creator of living beings! O Lord of living beings, O God of Gods! O Master of the universe! O Purushottam! You alone know yourself by yourself.

Chapter 10 Verse 16: You alone are capable of describing those divine powers of yours in entirety. The powers by which encompassing all these loks, you are situated.

Chapter 10 Verse 17: O Yogeshwar! How shall I know you while constantly absorbed in your thoughts and O lord, in which-which forms you are to be meditated upon by me?

Chapter 10 Verse 18: O Janardan! Again/Nevertheless tell about your yogic power and glory in detail because I am not satisfied by hearing your nectar-like words i.e. the desire to hear remains.

Chapter 10 Verse 19: O Best of the Kurus! Now I shall tell my main divine manifestations/powers to you because there is no limit to my extension.

Chapter 10 Verse 20: O Arjun! I am the soul situated in all the living beings i.e. the soul dances to the tune of Kaal, therefore this has been said. And I alone am the beginning, middle and end of all the living beings.

Chapter 10 Verse 21: I am Vishnu among the twelve sons of Aditi and am the radiant sun among the lights and I am the brilliance/swiftness of the forty-nine wind-gods and am the lord moon of the stars.

Chapter 10 Verse 22: Among the Vedas, I am SamVed; among the gods, I am Indra; I am the mind among the senses, and am the consciousness i.e. the life-force of the living beings.

Chapter 10 Verse 23: Among the eleven Rudras I am Shankar, and among the Yakshas and Rakshas I am Kuber, the lord of wealth; I am fire among the eight Vasus and I am the Sumeru mountain among the peaked mountains.

Chapter 10 Verse 24: Among the priests know me as the Chief Brahspati. O Paarth! I am Skand among the army generals and am ocean among the reservoirs of water.

Chapter 10 Verse 25: I am Bhrigu among the great sages and am the one letter i.e. Omkaar among the words. Of all the yagyas I am Japyagya (silent repetition of God’s name) and among the stationary I am the mountain Himalaya.

Chapter 10 Verse 26: Of all the trees I am Peepal tree; Narad Muni among the Devrishis/celestial sages; Chitrrath among the gandharvs, and I am Kapil Muni among the Siddhs/perfected sages.

Chapter 10 Verse 27: Among the horses know me as UchchaiHshrva horse born from nectar; elephant named Aeraavat among the best elephants, and the king among the human beings.

Chapter 10 Verse 28: I am thunderbolt among the weapons and Kamdhenu among the cows. I am Kamdev, the cause of the production of offsprings according to the course mentioned in the scriptures and among the serpents I am the king of serpents, Vasuki.

Chapter 10 Verse 29: I am Sheshnaag among the snakes and I am god Varun, the lord of the aquatic creatures and among the Pitras I am the Pitra named Aryma and among the rulers I am Yamraj.

Chapter 10 Verse 30: I am Prahlad among the demons and am time of those who count, and among the animals I am the king of animals, Lion; and I am Garud among the birds.

Chapter 10 Verse 31: I am air among the purifiers and Shri Ram among the armed men. I am crocodile among the fishes, and am Ganga among the rivers.

Chapter 10 Verse 32: O Arjun! I only am the beginning and end and even the middle of the natures/creations. Of all the studies I am Adhyatmvidhya (spiritual study) i.e. Brahmvidhya (study of Brahm) and I am the dialogue between those who debate among themselves to bring out the true conclusion.

Chapter 10 Verse 33: I am Omkaar among the letters and I am the samaas (compound) named Dvandv among the smaasas (compound words); the never-ending Kaal, and I only am one who acquires the ‘Viraat’ appearance with faces in all the directions.

Chapter 10 Verse 34: I am death who destroys everyone and the source of the origin of those who are born and among the women I am fame, fortune, speech, memory, intelligence, steadfastness and forgiveness.

Chapter 10 Verse 35: And among the hymns that can be sung I am Brhtsam and of the verses I am verse gayatri and I am Maargsheersh among the months and spring among the seasons.

Chapter 10 Verse 36: I am gambling among the deceitful and the glory of the glorious men. I am victory, determination and the Satvik quality of the Satvik men /OR goodness of the good/honest men.

Chapter 10 Verse 37: Among the descendents of Vrshni I am Vasudev i.e. I myself, your friend; among the Pandavs, Dhananjay i.e. you; among the sages/munis Ved Vyas, and I only am poet Shukracharya among the poets.

Chapter 10 Verse 38: I am the punishment of those who suppress i.e. am the power of their suppression; I am the statesmanship of those who seek victoey; I am silence, the protector of the things to be kept a secret and I alone am the knowledge of the knowledgeable people.

Chapter 10 Verse 39: And O Arjun! That which is the cause of the origin of all the living beings is also me alone because there is no such animate or inanimate being that is devoid of me.

Chapter 10 Verse 40: O Parantap! There is no end to my divine powers /glories/attributes. I have described this extent of my powers/attributes /glories to you in brief.

Chapter 10 Verse 41: Whatever is majestic, superior and powerful thing; know that as an expression of a part of my brilliance.

Chapter 10 Verse 42: Or O Arjun! What is the need of your knowing all this in detail? I am situated by supporting this whole universe by a fraction of my power of yog.